Auto Recycling

Utah’s Premier Auto Recycling Yard Serving Salt Lake City, Utah

“Recycling” isn’t just a buzz word and it isn’t just for junk mail. There are actually three parts to recycling, and at Western Auto Wrecking we do them all: Reduce, re-use and recycle (and all with the help of our neighbors). With reduction, we’re proud to say that by offering the widest selection of used parts in Salt Lake City, Utah via paying cash for unwanted vehicles which otherwise would be trashed, we’re doing our part to reduce the number of parts manufactured—which in turn helps reduce some of the most severe of emissions that come from manufacturing these parts. Creating new parts is very taxing on the environment, and reducing this process wherever possible (such as providing a place for mechanics to get parts gently used) helps lighten everyone’s carbon footprint.

However, re-using is where we really shine. As your premier used auto parts supplier in the region, that’s all we do. Whenever an item is re-used or re-purposed, such as when nearby residents get paid for having us remove their clunkers for cash, it gains an entirely new life without the expenses and eco-impact of creating a new product. There are thousands of auto parts which are like new—why pay double or triple the price for virtually the same thing? Plus, many of the most expensive auto parts are designed to last for years, so take advantage of someone else’s vehicle which has served it’s (first) purpose.

Salt Lake City Auto Recycling

Finally, there’s actually recycling of automobiles and parts. If you have a vehicle you can no longer use but it’s unfit to sell, we’ll “recycle” it for you and give you cash to boot. However, sometimes parts really are on their last leg, or there’s a skeleton of a vehicle after all the parts have been bought. When that’s the case, we responsibly recycle everything possible in a sustainable fashion, minimizing the impact on the environment and re-purposing whenever we can. In some instances, car parts can be recycled into completely new things and take on a brand new life.

For example, some artists make pieces of art from car steel. Others make wallets and other useful items from a variety of parts. The possibilities are endless. We partner with a local recycling company to ensure that every disposal, whether it’s a car or our office materials, is as clean and earth-friendly as possible. It’s not just auto recycling that’s a top priority for us, but recycling in general.

Taking Auto Recycling Green

At Western Auto Wrecking we take going green seriously, which is why everything we do is centered around it. Committed to keeping Salt Lake City, Utah green for all of us and future generations, it starts with how we run our business. The automobiles we buy for our yard are chosen to optimize re-usability. Furthermore, our office procedures reflect a team that cares about how we treat the community and earth we share.

To see for yourself just how green minded we are, visit our wrecking yard and get to know our staff and inventory. You can also give us a call and do your part to reduce, re-use and recycle by letting us take care of the dirty work, haul off your clunker and get left with cash as a thank you for staying green. It’s amazing just how much of a car can be re-purposed to go on living an entirely new life. Your unwanted vehicle might be someone else’s next collector car (or vice versa). Maybe you thought you were “just” piecing together your childhood dream car or getting cash for a piece of junk—but in reality, you might be making a big wave for a sustainable future.