5 Easy Steps to Auto Recycling

You know auto recycling could be a great way to get some cash back for that old clunker that’s sitting in your garage, but is the process too involved to be worth it?

Easy Steps to Auto Recycling

At Western Auto Wrecking, we make recycling your vehicle easy and convenient. In fact, you only need to follow five steps.

1. Remove All Your Personal Belongings

You’re probably excited at the thought of getting rid of your old car, but you wouldn’t be happy if you forgot an important personal possession inside when you sent it off to be crushed!

Go through your car and make sure you remember to take out your old CD collection from high school and any other items you’d miss.

2. Have Your Title

To transfer ownership of the vehicle, you need to first prove you own it. Make sure you have the car’s title and that it’s free and clear of any liens. This is a key document in the process of selling your car to the auto recycling yard.

It is possible to junk a car that does not have a title, but it’s harder.

3. Make Arrangements with Auto Recycling Yard

Next, it’s time to see what your local auto recycling provider can do for you. How much do they estimate your car is worth? If your vehicle still runs, you can drive it over and get a quote. If not, you can call and arrange for towing.

4. Remove License Plates

Once you’ve accepted an offer for your junk car and the transaction is finalized, make sure you remove the license plates. The plates are for you to either put on a new car or return to the registry; you don’t want these recycled along with the car.

5. Get Paid!

Once your vehicle is successfully transferred to the auto recycler’s possession, you will receive the agreed-upon amount for your car. At this point, your car enters a stage called pre-treatment, when all non-recyclable materials are removed, such as fluids, batteries and tires. Then the car is crushed, shredded and separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Your vehicle is on its way to being reused!

Do you have an old vehicle you would like to trade for cash through the auto recycling process? Contact Western Auto Wrecking today and get a quote for the value of your car. Follow the five steps and get what you deserve for your old vehicle! We are here to help.