6 Used Auto Parts That Will Help You Save Big

Replacing broken or worn car parts with used auto parts is one of best money-saving tricks around.

The 6 Used Auto Parts That Will Help You Save Big

As a car owner, you already pay for plenty. You have insurance, registration and inspections to worry about, not to mention routine maintenance. When your vehicle needs a major repair, choosing the used auto parts listed below can lower your bill and keep your car well-functioning for years.

1. Transmission

A transmission problem is a complex and often expensive major issue that can run thousands of dollars. If you have an older car, this cost could essentially total the vehicle.

You can keep your older car on the road and save thousands by getting a used transmission. You’ll still have to pay for labor, but you will save significantly on parts and still get your car back on the road again.

2. Alternator

A car’s alternator is responsible for charging the battery and providing power to the engine’s electrical components and vehicle computer. When your alternator fails, you aren’t driving anywhere fast.

A new alternator can cost up to $1,000, but if you can find a used one, you’ll keep more money in your pocket.

3. Spare Tire

Everyone needs a spare tire for a rainy day … or for when they drive over a nail. If you don’t have a spare in your trunk, you’ll wish you did the next time you have a flat. Replace a missing spare tire by buying one new for a few hundred dollars, or get one from a used-parts dealer and pay much less.

4. Power Window Parts

Not only can you find replacement glass if your window or sunroof has shattered, you can also replace the hardware and switches for power windows by browsing a local selection of used auto parts.

5. Power Lock Parts

You use your power locks multiple times per day, so eventually the inner workings wear out. You could continue to be annoyed using your key to manually unlock your vehicle, or you could run over to your local used parts store and see if they have the components on hand for a cheap, fast repair.

6. Side Mirrors

Similar to window glass, replacing side mirrors can quickly become a much more expensive job than you expected. Find used replacements at a low price and save money.

Don’t Buy from Just Anyone

Not all used auto parts stores are the same. Find a dealer that can vouch for the product’s reliability and that offers a warranty on the parts they sell. You can trust Western Auto Wrecking for low-cost, dependable parts that save you money now, and in the long run.