7 Affordable Car Repairs Made Possible with Used Auto Parts

Affordable car repairs? That sounds like a pipe dream.

But is it? Maybe, if you’re banking on a dealership to give you a great deal, but if you depend on used auto parts, then spending less and getting quality, lasting car repairs is possible.

used auto parts

Find Out What You Need

The first step in taking advantage of the incredible savings used auto parts offer is to know what you need before you visit the wrecking yard. You don’t want to waste money on parts you don’t need, so talk to your mechanic or check out your vehicle beforehand — don’t just guess about the part in question.

Seven popular used auto parts make for some of the most affordable car repairs.

1. Tire Replacement

Believe it or not, used tires are popular. If you’re intent on keeping an older car until it breaks down for good, you probably don’t want to spend money on four new tires. Instead, find used tires with just enough tread to make it a worthwhile purchase and save hundreds.

2. Alternator Repair

An alternator is another common purchase. Alternators last between 80,000 to 150,000 miles, so find one with only a few thousand miles on it, and you’ll have a used auto part that will last years.

3. Auto Body Fixes

The cost to replace bumpers and grills runs high at an auto body shop. You can save significantly by finding these parts on an expired version of your car.

4. Lighting Repairs

From headlights to fog lights, it’s easy to find this used part, and it always pays off.

5. All Filter Types

Air and fuel filters are popular buys for used auto parts shoppers. These savings may start small, but over time they add up.

6. A/C Compressor Replacement

Replacing an A/C compressor is a common car repair that gives vehicle owners sticker shock. But you can’t live through the hot summer without cool air in your car. Buy used and you can instantly save hundreds.

7. Brake Parts and Accessories

Brake rotors and pads can be had for cheap and can take away the sting of an otherwise pricey brake job.

Don’t Buy from Just Anyone

The list doesn’t end there. From ignition systems to floor mats, used auto parts create affordable car repairs in plenty of ways for vehicle owners.

The key to a successful experience with used parts is making sure to purchase what you need from a reputable vehicle dismantler. Western Auto Wrecking maintains a full staff to help you locate the part you’re looking for. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost a dealer would charge. Affordable car repairs are possible when you visit our wrecking yard!