The Premier Auto Wrecking Yard in SLC, Utah

Remember the good old days when scoring that perfect used auto part meant perusing an actual wrecking yard in Utah — not a virtual one? When you took the family on a treasure hunt, seeing firsthand the quality of the parts without second-guessing yourself after you paid? Those days are far from gone. At Western Auto Wrecking, we’ve kept all the good stuff from the old days and paired it with a complementary online inventory that supplements our real-life wrecking yard (but doesn’t replace it). It’s where our Salt Lake City, Utah neighbors can grab that hard to find part. Even better, if you have a piece of junk in the yard and can’t give it away, Western Auto Wrecking will pick it up and pay you cash. It might just have the part one of your neighbors’ needs.

There’s something about a restoration project — and the thrill of getting paid handsomely for getting rid of that eyesore in the driveway. Whether it’s a massive project or you just don’t want to depend on someone else to replace a basic part, “getting your hands dirty” is a favorite hobby for many in the region. At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re happy to help your project come to life—or completion. Enjoy perusing our extensive inventory in a real auto wrecking yard that’s safe, organized and makes it easy to find what you need. Ready to finally ditch that pile of rust that’s ruining your home’s curb appeal? Give Western Auto Wrecking a call and we’ll haul it away, leaving you with cash in hand.

Prepare for Your Visit to the Best Auto Wrecking Yard in Salt Lake City, Utah

At our wrecking yard, prices are kept incredibly low because we don’t waste time, money or effort on anything that isn’t necessary. After all, you come to us in search of a bargain, and we give you just that. We also have 30-day and 90-day exchange warranties, on the very slim chance you’re not happy with your purchase.

Don’t want to scour our yard for the best auto part? Don’t worry, we have the best professionals in the region who can help you quickly find the parts you need. You may not have time to wander the yard, checking out each matching make and model to compare parts. That’s why our team of experts knows the vehicles inside and out, and can immediately direct you to the best one. Just supply us with the necessary car information, and we’ll pick and pull the product out for you.

Bring a list of the parts you need, and we’ll make sure you get matched with the perfect car. Once you’ve found your perfect match, simply bring your parts to the cashier.

It can be done quick and dirty, or you can spend the day here discovering everything we have to offer. Scavenging wrecking yards has become a great tradition for many friends and families, and it’s the perfect way to start your weekend.

No matter how big or small the project, it all starts with the right parts. So visit our auto wrecking yard in Utah today!

What to Expect – The Best Auto Wrecking Yard Experience!

Since we welcome new inventory on a daily basis, compliments of our neighbors which scored cash for having us haul away their unwanted cars, there’s no telling when your next great part will arrive. However, we guarantee the best in service every single time you visit us. Western Auto Wrecking was born out of mutual passion for mechanics and fixing up machines, and now we’re excited to share the fruits of our labor with you—so you can get started on your own labor-heavy project. We know that mechanics, whether pro or hobbyists, require and deserve only the best parts.

That’s exactly what we provide in an environment that’s fun, safe and easy to navigate. We’ll turn you loose in the wrecking yard if you prefer to hunt on your own, or help you identify exactly what you need. Unlike other pick and pull shops, you don’t do the dirty work. Our pros help you:

  • Find used auto parts that fit your car
  • Help you choose the best one
  • Pull it out for you

Easy as pie — you can come in, tell us what you need, and leave happy. You get a reliable auto part without burning a hole in your pocket.

And if you just want to get paid to have someone else remove a vehicle you’re done with, whether it’s totaled, more rust than car or just on it’s last tire, that’s our specialty. You get big bucks just to see your unwanted car get hauled away.

Let’s get you the used parts you need. Visit our auto wrecking yard in Utah today, or get in touch with our team!