Should You Buy Used Auto Parts from a Salvage Yard?

Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts can make all the difference in your budget when you’re trying to repair your car for cheap. A dealer’s marked-up prices can cost you thousands — used parts make for a more cost-effective fix.

Pay a visit to your local, reliable, organized salvage yard. It’s the best place to go to hand-pick the parts you need when it’s time to update or repair your vehicle.

Beware of Online Pitfalls

The Internet is a go-to resource for finding a cheap deal, especially when it comes to used auto parts. But is this approach reliable?

When you purchase these parts online, you are relying on the seller’s reputation. You have no way of verifying the information in the listing is correct. There’s no brick-and-mortar store for you to visit with the return if the part is not what you ordered or doesn’t end up fitting or working. Sometimes sellers have a no-return policy, meaning you may have wasted your money in hopes of a deal.

Why not buy products you can see and touch before you invest in them? There’s less risk involved, and you don’t have to pay for shipping: It’s a win-win.

Look for Cost Savings

Buying used parts from a salvage yard definitely means a major markdown over dealer price as well as online prices, in most cases. Salvage yards select the best working parts from otherwise totaled vehicles, refurbish them and store them to sell. The parts aren’t new, but they have been proven to work effectively and you can inspect them before you buy.

But there’s another aspect of the business that may help you save money as well — many salvage yards allow you to trade in your old nonworking part so they can remanufacture it. They may offer you a discount on your purchase if you have parts to trade in at the time of the sale. This results in more cost savings that are unavailable online or at a dealership.

Make a Greener Environment a Priority

Buying used auto parts from a salvage yard also saves the energy that would have been used to manufacture new parts and reduces the amount of waste in landfills. By reusing and recycling instead of simply buying new, you are helping to make the earth more habitable for years to come.

Trust a Reliable Salvage Yard

Contact Western Auto Wrecking to find out if the used auto parts you are looking for are available in a salvage yard and learn more about the reliable, customer-focused services offered as well.