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Why Used Car Parts Are Right For You

At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re proud to offer used auto parts for every make or model of vehicle in our wrecking yard. We have a massive inventory that’s constantly being added to, with numerous gems that can allow you to repair or refurbish your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of other part services.

What are some of the primary reasons our clients continue to come back to us for their car part needs? Let’s look at several, from some of the more obvious to some you may not have considered before.
used car parts right


The first and most common reason why used auto parts are a good option is the price they come with. We all realize that they’ll cost less than comparable new parts, but many people don’t realize quite how large this gap can get. As long as you’re not looking for super-rare parts, you’ll often pay just a tenth of the new part cost or even less – and this is for parts that are still in quality condition, often simply junked from a vehicle that had issues in other areas. If price and value are your primary goals, especially if you have some savvy and know what to look for, used parts are almost always the way to go.

OEM Standards

Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer standards, this is an area that deals with after-market parts. In many cases, said parts are not identical to the parts originally made by the manufacturer of your current vehicle, meaning they will often do the job, but just not as efficiently.

When you buy used parts from us, though, you know that they’re coming directly form these originally vehicle models – that’s where they were before they entered our wrecking yard. You know you’ll get a great fit and function from parts that came off the exact same vehicle you’re currently driving – parts you pay a lot more for from other sources might not have this same fit.

Varied Sources

Even if you’re purchasing your used parts from a source other than us, this simple variety is very valuable. Popular vehicle types will allow you to find parts from several sources for a variety of reasons.

Refurbished Parts

If you’re the sort who is highly concerned about the condition of any parts you purchase, you can narrow your search specifically to refurbished parts. There are many in this category that are refurbished specifically for resale – these will be a bit pricier in most cases, yes, but they’ll still be far less than brand new parts and may come with a guarantee of their condition.

For more on why used car parts make sense for many people, or to learn about any of our wholesale auto parts, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.

Factors in Junk Car Expected Value

If you have a junk car sitting on your lot, you might be letting some potential money that could be in your pocket go to waste. Vehicles don’t have to be in running condition to return you profits, and this can be especially useful if you’re in need of a few extra bucks here and there.

At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re here to help you get value for any junk vehicles in your possession through our auto wrecking yard. Not only do we stock a huge variety of parts for numerous vehicle makes and models whenever you’re in need, we’ll also pay you cash for your junk vehicles so we can extract useful parts from them for other drivers. Best of all, we’ll even come to your home to pick it up from you.

What are some of the factors that go into how much money you’ll be able to recoup for your junk vehicle? Let’s look at a few important ones.

factors junk car value

Weight Matters Most

When it comes to scrap vehicles in these kinds of situations, value is often found in very different areas than it would be if you were buying the same model new from an auto dealer. For instance, buying a brand new Ford from a dealer, you’ll worry about things like features, accessories and various systems – these are far less important with a scrap vehicle, however.

Rather, you should primarily focus on the weight. The primary element we can pull from your junk car is the metal itself in many cases, and your Kelley Blue Book value isn’t really all that important in terms of the cash you can get. In fact, we often recommend selling any such accessories or items separately if you think you can get value for them.

Year, Make and Model

The above said, weight isn’t the only factor that matters here. The year, make and model are also important, but this is mostly the case for a few specific car brands; some brands, such as Buicks for instance, have parts that basically never change from year to year. In these cases, year and model type aren’t quite as important.

For many other models, though, they absolutely are. In some cases it might be very important to know which year the car was made in to understand the quality of the material.

Junk Yard Vs. Individual Sales

As we touched on with certain accessories in the car, there might be times where selling items individually, rather than to a junk yard like ours, makes more sense. Things like DVD players, stereo systems or others might fetch you more this way.

At the same time, the services we offer bring convenience and ease to many people who need them. Not everyone has the time and skills to remove these items from a vehicle and get proper value for them, and we’ll come pick your junk car up for you on top of that. This is why many people opt for our ease and convenience.

For more on the value you can get from your junk vehicle, or to learn about any of our used car parts or junk yard services, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.

Important Parts for Winterization

With winter fast approaching, those who drive often are reaching an important time of the year. Winter in Utah is by far the most stressful season for vehicles of all types, with colder temperatures and other conditions that strain various components and make proper service and tune-ups vital.

At Western Auto Wrecking, we have all the used car parts you need to make sure your vehicle is fully winterized headed into the coldest part of the year. Let’s look at some specific components you should be paying attention to as fall winds down, plus what you should be doing in these areas to ensure you have a hassle-free winter

4 Important Parts for Winterization

1. Battery

Many people don’t realize it, but the engine literally needs more power to start during colder months – and this power comes from the battery, which provides a current that starts the engine. As winter approaches, you should be checking your battery to ensure it has enough charge left.

This is done using an item called a voltmeter. If you can’t get access to one of these, there’s a simple trick: Turn your headlights on both while your engine is on and while it’s off. If the lights are the same level of brightness in both cases, your battery is probably in good shape. If, however, the lights don’t show as brightly when the car is off, your battery might be dying and could need a replacement.

2. Tires

The first area to check with tires is pressure. Your manual will tell you the psi (pounds per square inch) that your tires should be at, and there are simple checks at most gas stations that will also help you fill tires back up to appropriate levels if they’ve lost air.

In addition, check your tires for the wear on their tread. Winter is a period where icy and slick roads are common, and if your tires aren’t in great shape, you should consider new ones – possibly snow tires that have additional traction qualities.

3. Wipers and Fluid

Windshield wipers only tend to last for about a year in any climate with reasonable amounts of moisture, and the pre-winter period is a good time to consider replacing them. While you’re doing this, be sure to take the time to replace windshield washer fluid, including using an antifreeze solution for the new fluid to make sure it doesn’t freeze during the coldest periods of the winter.

4. Four-Wheel Drive

If you have a car with a four-wheel drive system, it’s vital that this works properly during winter. You’ll first have to re-engage it if you disengaged it during the winter – this can be tough on certain models, and may even signal that a new four-wheel drive system is needed. In addition, be sure everyone who might drive that particular vehicle knows how to safely operate the four-wheel drive system.

For more on the parts you should be considering when winterizing your car, or to learn about any of our used auto parts, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.

Tips for Buying Used Transmissions

If you’re looking for high-quality used car parts from responsible auto recyclers, Western Auto Wrecking is the place for you. We have a huge variety of used auto parts available, spanning virtually any make or model you could think to name.

One major part type that we commonly buy and sell at our wrecking yard is the transmission. Many car owners know transmissions as one of the top sources of high-cost repairs in some cars, but we’re here to offer you affordable choices that still bring you the quality you need. Here are a few tips we can offer on things you should think about before purchasing a used transmission.

buying used transmissions tips

Car Body

You may be wondering why our first suggestion is to look at the body of the car the transmission came from – after all, you’re considering an engine part, not the outside of the car. But in reality, a car’s body says a lot about its history. In particular, it can help indicate whether a car has been in a significant accident in the past. You might notice specific dents or issues, or you might see signs of body work.

In most cases, this isn’t a big deal. In those where lots of body work has been done, though, this could mean that the car was in a significant accident. In this case, the transmission may have been damaged and you should be careful when examining it.


If you can’t see the previous vehicle itself, viewing its history is the next-best option. Carfax or other vehicle history reports will help you understand where the vehicle has been and what service has been done, including any transmission issues.


At Western Auto Wrecking, we offer a free 30-day exchange warranty, plus a 90-day exchange warranty at 10 percent of the initial sale price. Feel free to ask us for any details on this warranty, including what it covers in full. We’re happy to provide this in writing for you.


One of the primary areas you should check for when examining a transmission is the potential for leaks. A simple way to do this is by adding transmission fluid after checking the current level – if any drips out after a few minutes, you know there’s a leak issue. Unless you have the proper tools to repair this kind of leak, you may want to look at other transmission options.

Trusted Advice

We always welcome those who aren’t experienced with vehicle parts to bring a trusted companion along who is. This person can give you insights about the transmission you’re considering that you may not have been able to pick up on your own, making the entire process simpler for you.

To learn more about the right factors to consider when buying a used transmission, or for any of our used car part services, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.

Easy Repairs that Raise the Value of Your Car

Completing easy repairs for your car is a great way to bump it up into the next price range. A mechanic won’t tell you this but there are certain repairs that anyone can do, even beginners.

If you can get the parts for cheap and do the work yourself you won’t have to settle for a low offer on your car. Instead, you’ll make a better profit margin, and have extra time to spare as well.

easy car repairs

On the other hand, be sure to only attempt the repairs if you are willing to put in the effort to understand the process. Otherwise, you won’t get as much money. Here are our recommended repairs that have the best return on investment.

1.Replace the Battery

Without a working battery you won’t be able to get your car to turn on consistently. At a repair shop you can expect to pay over a hundred dollars to replace it. This cost includes labor, supplies and time.

If you’re going to do it yourself, however, all you have to do is pay for the cost of the battery. With Western Auto Wrecking you can find some of the best prices on the market, which improves your resell value even more.

Replacing the battery is arguable one of the easiest replacement projects. The only tools you’ll need are a couple of wrenches.

2.Change the Air Filter

Air filters are even less expensive and easier than batteries are. You can get one new for as little as $20. Not only is it simple but it’s important for the health of those in the car as well.

This is one service that repair shops love to mark up, so learning to do it yourself will save you a lot of money. All you need to do is unscrew the air filter panel, take out the old filter and add the new one. It really is that simple.

3.Replace the Brake Pads

Nothing frightens potential buyers more than weird sounds that doesn’t belong. When your brake pads start to wear down they can add to this problem. Have ever noticed an out-of-place squeaking noise when braking on a cold day?

This is a significant sign that your brake pads need to be replaced. This repair is a little more difficult than air filters and battery replacements. However, the parts to complete it cost less than $50, so you can make a good investment off it.

Find More Easy Repairs

Completing these easy repairs will save you a significant amount of money on your own car. And if you’re looking to sell, earn you a substantial amount as well.

Here at Western Auto Wrecking we have used car pieces that are ideal for quick and profitable repairs. Come in today to visit us and see how easy it is to get started.

What’s My Car Worth?

When you ask, “What’s my car worth?” it may take a little bit of digging to find the answer.

Dozens of factors influence the fair market value of your car. Some of these include age, mileage, if it was ever in an accident, etc.

However, finding out the value of your car is essential so you know when to sell it, invest in it or dump it.

Below are some steps you can take to evaluate your car and learn its true value.

What’s My Car Worth

1. Compare it to Similar Cars on the Market

Your car is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. That’s why the first step is to do your research on cars that are like yours.

You can find this by looking at classifieds and used car lot sites.

Routinely check on cars that most resemble yours.  If they sit on the lot for weeks, the price is likely too high.

2. Check Online Evaluations

There are companies that have invested a lot of time and money into algorithms that help determine the worth and value of used cars. One of these companies is called Kelley Blue Book.

It has a simple calculator that will ask you for information about your car. Within a couple of minutes, you have an estimated value.

There are many other free pricing guides online as well. See if the numbers match up across the board. This will help give you a reliable range to shoot for.

3. Don’t Forget These Other Features

While these guides are excellent at managing a lot of variables, they are incapable of handling them all.

That’s why it’s important for you to do your own estimating at the end as well. You know your car better than everyone else. You’re aware of all its quirks and glitches.

However, in addition to all the bad features, you also know about all the good ones too, especially if you’ve put time and effort into adding new parts and doing regular maintainance.

What’s My Car Worth?

At the end of the day, no one is better equipped to answer the question, “What is my car worth?” than you, the owner.

After doing your research and honestly reflecting on the car, you’ll be able to figure the right price to set. What you do with that information is up to you.

However, if you want to sell your car at a higher price, one of the ways you can do that is by replacing some of the malfunctioning parts. Come to Western Auto Wrecking to find used, working parts for your car.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts can help you out in a pinch. When the price for a new part is too high or you know you’ll have to wait weeks for delivery, heading to a used auto parts yard is a sensible solution.

But it’s critical to make sure you get quality for your investment. Even if it’s low-cost, you want to ensure you don’t end up with more car problems as a result of your choice.

How can you get the used auto parts that are right for your budget and your vehicle?

used auto parts

1. Know What You Need

The best way to make sure you get the part you need is to hang onto the old part. When you’re searching an aisle of parts or going the old-fashioned route and combing the junkyard on foot, it will be much easier to match the broken part to the desired replacement if you have it with you.

2. Do Your Research

Will the repair you’re making work with used parts? Do your research. If you’re replacing a broken trim piece or motor mount, go with used. If it’s a part that’s critical to vehicle operations and you can’t find a “like-new” part, you might want to think it over. Talk to a mechanic to make sure putting in a used component won’t negatively affect other vehicle systems.

3. Ask the Right Questions

Where did the individual or dealer get the part? What do they know about where it came from? Call the dealer and verify the part number before you purchase. Some parts only fit with certain engine and transmission combos. Make sure the part you’re choosing is compatible with your vehicle.

4. Get Information on the Return Policy

Many used parts dealers don’t offer returns, which is why it’s even more important to focus on accuracy in your selection before you finalize the purchase. Ask about their return policy just so you are clear on the terms of the deal, especially for expensive items.

5. Trust a Reputable Local Business

When you depend on a local, family-run wrecking yard like Western Auto Wrecking, you can trust our dependability and transparency. We only sell quality products that help our customers save money.

Western Auto Wrecking sells a wide range of used auto parts to our Utah customers in surrounding communities — visit us today to check out our huge selection!

Repair or Replace Your Car? 

Deciding whether to repair or replace your car can be difficult. Usually, you come to this crossroads because you just received notice that you need a major repair, and your vehicle is on the older side. At the same time, the ads for a shiny new vehicle are a big draw, and you can’t help but wonder if it’ll take just this repair to keep your old car functioning.

Repair or Replace Your Car? 

There comes a time when you must replace your car, but if you let go too early, it might not be the best financial move. The key is knowing the difference.

When Repairs Are the Better Option

You will likely always pay less for a repair than for a new vehicle. Sure, the cost of a major repair can run into the thousands, and you might feel this money is better spent on a down payment for a new vehicle. But then you need to pay the loan balance.

Or you could use the money you’d otherwise spend on a car repair to buy another used car outright. But what if this car comes with a whole other range of issues?

If you’re reacting to bad news about a car repair, you probably won’t make the best decision. Avoid regret and make the repair!

Count the Total Cost of New

Buying new, or even buying used, you’ll have to pay for insurance and registration to get the vehicle on the road. That adds more to the total out-of-pocket costs. And don’t forget — new cars take a huge depreciation hit during their first year of use. Your older car already took the hit. While a repair might not raise its value, it won’t drastically lose an estimated 22 percent in one year like a new car will!

Used Car Parts Offer Solutions

Essentially, choosing whether to repair or replace your car comes down to identifying the problem. Is the car repair one you can manage on your own? What if you could find affordable used parts? This is the answer for many vehicle owners.

The cost of a used alternator or even used transmission drastically drives down the total cost of repairs, making them more feasible for your budget. A broken-down vehicle is never good news, but Western Auto Wrecking can help ease the financial burden.

Talk to Western Auto

Western Auto Wrecking is a used parts dealer focused on helping Utah car owners keep their cars in service longer. When you can pay less for quality parts, you can maintain your ride longer, decreasing stress and enjoying a higher return on investment over time.

If you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your car, call us first. We can give you our repair recommendations and estimated parts cost, helping you determine which is the better option for your situation. Western Auto Wrecking is your car repair partner, both for new and old vehicles.

What Used Car Parts Should You Look for at an Auto Wrecking Yard?

The used car parts you’ll find at a salvage yard are substantially cheaper than what you’ll find from the manufacturer or even a low-cost wholesale parts store. Used is always cheaper when it comes to vehicles, but is it always the best use of your money?

Used Car Parts Should You Look for at an Auto Wrecking Yard

There are some auto parts you should try to buy new, but on the other hand, there are some vastly expensive parts you should never buy new — not if you can find them used!

Which ones are they?


Buying a used alternator can save you money, which is why it’s one of the most popular used car parts. Alternators are responsible for powering the electrical parts of your car, along with other key components like the starter and ignition. If an alternator goes bad, you won’t be going far, so it’s an essential repair that a salvage yard can help save you money on.


Needing a new transmission has the potential to total the vehicle due to its cost. However, it’s often possible to find a rebuilt or used transmission at a wrecking yard and get your car back on the road.


Used tires can be a good purchase, especially if your car is older or you’re thinking of trading it in for a new one soon and don’t want to spend too much money on new tires. Don’t buy used tires that are more than six years old — you can check the code stamped on the sidewall for information on the manufacturing year. Tires that are too old can get brittle, which increases the chance of a blowout, even if tread wear isn’t too extensive.

What Shouldn’t You Look for?

Don’t purchase any parts that will wear down (besides tires) and potentially cause damage or put you at risk. For example, you’d never want to buy old brake pads or worn windshield wipers.

Make quality your priority. Used car parts save you money, it’s just a matter of how much. But try to choose the part that will last you the longest. In other words, always choose the part that’s in the best condition.

At Western Auto Wrecking, you’re in good hands. We fully inspect and screen all the used car parts we sell and we can even give you practical advice on which parts fit which models. For many years, we’ve been working with used parts and customers like you who want to make affordable repairs, so we know exactly how to help.

5 Easy Steps to Auto Recycling 

You know auto recycling could be a great way to get some cash back for that old clunker that’s sitting in your garage, but is the process too involved to be worth it?

Easy Steps to Auto Recycling

At Western Auto Wrecking, we make recycling your vehicle easy and convenient. In fact, you only need to follow five steps.

1. Remove All Your Personal Belongings

You’re probably excited at the thought of getting rid of your old car, but you wouldn’t be happy if you forgot an important personal possession inside when you sent it off to be crushed!

Go through your car and make sure you remember to take out your old CD collection from high school and any other items you’d miss.

2. Have Your Title

To transfer ownership of the vehicle, you need to first prove you own it. Make sure you have the car’s title and that it’s free and clear of any liens. This is a key document in the process of selling your car to the auto recycling yard.

It is possible to junk a car that does not have a title, but it’s harder.

3. Make Arrangements with Auto Recycling Yard

Next, it’s time to see what your local auto recycling provider can do for you. How much do they estimate your car is worth? If your vehicle still runs, you can drive it over and get a quote. If not, you can call and arrange for towing.

4. Remove License Plates

Once you’ve accepted an offer for your junk car and the transaction is finalized, make sure you remove the license plates. The plates are for you to either put on a new car or return to the registry; you don’t want these recycled along with the car.

5. Get Paid!

Once your vehicle is successfully transferred to the auto recycler’s possession, you will receive the agreed-upon amount for your car. At this point, your car enters a stage called pre-treatment, when all non-recyclable materials are removed, such as fluids, batteries and tires. Then the car is crushed, shredded and separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Your vehicle is on its way to being reused!

Do you have an old vehicle you would like to trade for cash through the auto recycling process? Contact Western Auto Wrecking today and get a quote for the value of your car. Follow the five steps and get what you deserve for your old vehicle! We are here to help.