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Car Disposal Questions and Answers

When you’re considering car disposal, it can be daunting to know where to start. Before you schedule car disposal for your old vehicle, you deserve clear answers to all of your questions so you know what to expect.

common question about car disposal

What if the Car Doesn’t Start?

Some vehicle owners are under the impression that they must be able to drive the car to the recycling station in order for it to be worth something. That’s not true!

The value of a car for recycling and scrap purposes comes from its parts, not a working engine. You can still get cash for your old vehicle, even if the engine won’t turn over. Call us today and ask for a quote!

What if I Don’t Have the Title?

If you don’t have the title, it makes the process a little harder. Still, car disposal might not be impossible.

In order to buy or sell a vehicle in Utah, a title is required to prove ownership before the transaction. This isn’t just for the sake of paperwork. It’s for your protection. Imagine if someone was able to resurrect the car, then promptly got into an accident or committed a crime using the vehicle. You could be blamed!

If you don’t have the title for your old ride, you can visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a replacement, though it might take some time and money. If a car has been abandoned on your property, you should contact law enforcement for further direction.

What Is Recycled from My Car?

You’d be surprised how much of a car can be recycled! Auto glass, batteries, tires and refrigerant can all be recycled. Whatever can’t be recycled is safely drained and disposed of, such as the engine fluids.

What Is Resold from My Car?

Parts that are still in good working order can be cleaned and resold as used to save a future car owner a hefty sum when compared to the cost of buying the part new. Sometimes parts are broken but have the potential to be refurbished. Other car components like the seats or the steering column can also be resold.

How Much Is My Car Worth?

Every vehicle is different — we can offer you a quote when you call and tell us more about your old vehicle.

Western Auto Wrecking is a transparent, environmentally friendly, Utah car disposal provider. We want you to get what your old vehicle is worth, and we want to be able to reduce, reuse and recycle old cars in order to lessen the negative impact on the planet and help Utah car owners save money on repairs.

Contact us today for a quote on car disposal and start making plans to get rid of that decrepit old vehicle in your driveway!

Should You Junk Your Old Car? 

Deciding whether to trade, donate or junk your old car may be difficult for several reasons. First, you might have a sentimental attachment to your vehicle that’s making it hard to say goodbye! Second, you might be looking forward to upgrading to a new car, but you want to make sure you get the most for your current set of wheels.

You Junk Your Old Car

Which option is the best choice for you?

Requirements for a Trade-In

When you trade in your car, you’re essentially selling it to a dealership which will then turn around and try to flip your car for profit. To make this a feasible option for them, your car has to run. If you can’t drive it onto the lot, they won’t take it. Some dealerships also have mileage requirements and won’t take cars that exceed a certain limit.

Before you trade in your vehicle, shop around and get a quote from multiple dealerships. This can ensure you’re getting the best offer out there.

Donation Is Always Worth Considering

Donating your car is a great decision that can have a major humanitarian impact. You can typically donate either a junk or working car. There are many nonprofits that accept this type of donation, but be sure you find one that can provide paperwork you can supply to the IRS for a tax write-off. You can do something good and receive a financial benefit from it as well.

Junk Your Old Car for Cash

You can junk your old car for cash too! Let’s say your vehicle isn’t working well, or isn’t working at all, and it’s destined for the scrap pile. When you decide to junk your old car, you can get paid for what it’s worth in parts and materials. This is especially an attractive option if you need to remove a vehicle from your property that no longer works.

The car is stripped down to its frame then crushed, and you’re offered a price based on how the junkyard values the vehicle components.

Choose Western Auto Wrecking

If you elect to junk your old car, come to Western Auto Wrecking. We will give you a fair price while we take your old vehicle off your hands! We make the title transfer process easy. Call Western Auto Wrecking today and start the process.

The Pros and Cons of Used Tires for Your Car (And Tips to Help)

Used tires offer vehicle owners advantages, but there are some less-obvious drawbacks to consider as well. At Western Auto Wrecking, we want to help you be a fully informed consumer of all used auto parts. Are used tires are a good fit for you?

Pro: You’ll Save Money!

It’s possible to drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on tires by buying used. You can use the money you save for other necessary car maintenance projects, such as wheel alignments, tire balancing and more. It’s not unheard of to save up to 80 percent, but keep in mind that this comes with a risk.

Con: You Can’t See Possible Internal Tire Damage

Even if you complete the most thorough external tire inspection, it’s still impossible to assess internal tire damage. You have no way of knowing if the previous owner drove them underinflated, overinflated, placed too much weight on them or drove on gravel every day. Any unfavorable usage condition may affect the internal stability and integrity of the tire.

Tip #1: Always Purchase from a Trusted Source

The top way to buy used tires safely is to purchase them from a trusted supplier. Buying them off Craigslist isn’t a good idea. You should purchase from a licensed used auto parts dealer, because while the used tire industry is unregulated, they have a reputation to uphold for their business, and selling damaged used tires would quickly threaten their standing in the community.

Tip #2: Know What to Look For

Secondly, make sure you know what you’re looking for when you’re examining used tires for purchase. If the tread has worn unevenly and more than 50 percent is gone, you shouldn’t spend your money on that set of used tires, even if the deal is unmatched elsewhere. It just isn’t worth it, for safety reasons and for your return on investment.

Make sure you know how old the tire is and check the sidewalls for cracks. While it’s possible to patch and repair tread damage, once a sidewall is damaged, the tire is done for.

Looking for an Expert Take?

Western Auto Wrecking will help you save money on used auto parts, so your vehicle stays in prime operating condition without breaking the bank. We can also give you our opinion on used tires so that you aren’t tricked into a bad sale that you’ll regret later. Call us now for more information!

Used Auto Part Grades: What You Need to Know

Used auto part grades are how auto recyclers measure the wear and tear on the car parts that they recover, refurbish and resell. It’s the Automotive Recyclers Association’s way of standardizing the condition of all used auto components. In other words, it’s how you know that you’re getting a quality used part from your local reseller.

But in order to assess the used parts fairly, you need to understand how the grading system works! Before you start browsing inventory, learn more about used auto part grades.

What You Need To Know About Used Auto Part Grades

Auto Body Parts

For sheet metal auto body parts, grading is based on the level of damage to each part. One unit of damage is an area that can be covered by the size of a credit card.

Category A parts require one unit of repair — for example, a car door that has one small dent on the side.

B grade parts have more than one unit of repair required, but no more than two. C grade parts have over two units of repair required.

Mechanical Parts

For mechanical parts, the grading system is based on the number of miles driven. Grade A parts have less than 60,000 miles. Grade B mechanical parts have less than 200,000 miles. C category parts have 200,000 miles or more.

Miscellaneous Parts

Depending on the car part, the ARA sets different grading standards for each.

  • Glass: Grade A glass is fully functional and isn’t cloudy or broken. All permanent mounting hardware is still intact. There is no B grade for glass. C category glass may have slight imperfections.
  • Lights: A grade A light is fully intact and is not cloudy, broken or pitted. All seals and tabs are in place. B grade lights may have cosmetic imperfections. C grade lights don’t meet A or B grade standards but they still function.
  • Seats: Grade A seats have no visual damage. B grade seats have slight imperfections but no structural damage. C grade seats, similar to the light grading standards, don’t meet grade A or B requirements, but they still function.

Further, airbags and wheels have their own defined ARA grading protocol, which you can read more about in the ARA used auto part grades guidelines.

Trust Your Local Used Auto Component Supplier

At Western Auto Wrecking, our goal is to help you feel confident in our used auto part grades and even more satisfied when you complete a successful car repair for a fraction of the price you expected. We want to help you save money while reducing waste by reusing car components that are fully functional. Visit us today and shop our inventory for the parts you need!

How to Use Salvage Yards to Your Advantage

Auto salvage yards are an exciting place to visit if you’re a car enthusiast, a mechanic or just a vehicle owner looking for a great deal on replacement parts. With Western Auto Wrecking, you have a local salvage yard right in your neighborhood in West Valley City.

How can an auto salvage yard in benefit you?

You-Pick or Full-Service

Auto salvage yards are typically classified in two ways: either you-pick or full-service.

At a you-pick yard, you bring your own tools and walk the salvage yard on your own. You have to extract the parts once you find them, then take them back to the main office for an assessment and a price.

At full-service yards, the employees extract all usable parts, clean them and offer them for sale within the facility. You still get them cheap, but there is a bit of an added cost for the convenience of having the parts ready to go.

Find Used Parts for Less

Regardless of the type of business you visit, you’re guaranteed to get the parts you need to make repairs for much less than you would pay for new.

Vehicles are some of the most recycled items on the planet. When cars die, their individual parts can still function efficiently for years. These recycled parts deliver significant cost savings.

Get Paid for Your Junk Vehicle

You can get used parts to keep your current car running, or you can sell your whole used car to the junkyard. Just like you might benefit from the parts in someone else’s old car, your old car can serve the same purpose.

Even if it’s only good for scrap metal, you can get paid for that aged, broken-down car sitting your driveway!

Make Your Hobby More Affordable

Do you love fixing things? If your hobby is to tinker with an old car in your garage on the weekends, here’s how to step up your game for less: Get the parts you need at salvage yards so your hobby doesn’t cost you!

Have Fun!

Ultimately, we want your experience at Western Auto Wrecking to be memorable and fun. Whether you’d like to explore or get a quick solution from our customer service team, we are here to help. From alternators to tires, trust local salvage yards as your source of cost-effective parts and quick quotes on your junk cars. Call Western Auto Wrecking today for more information.

3 Junkyard Scams to Watch Out For

Avoiding junkyard scams is an important skill when you’re looking for a way to get cash for your worn-out car. The good news is that most auto salvage yards are honest, straightforward businesses. The bad news is that, like every industry, there are a few dishonest companies you have to watch out for.

junkyard scams

Look out for these three common junkyard scams:

1. Unclear Weight Measurements

You may think there are simply 2,000 pounds in a ton. You’re not wrong — you just may not be fully aware that there are different measurements of tonnage that will affect how much money you get for your car.

Net tons equal 2,000 pounds, but metric tons are 2,240 pounds. Make sure you know which units your salvage yard is using. If they’re trying to be unclear or vague, they could be attempting to cheat you.

2. Extra Towing Charges

Is towing included, or will the salvage yard deduct fees from the quote? Ask before you sign any papers or commit to anything.

Less-than-reputable salvage yards won’t share this information willingly — you have to inquire.

3. Bait-and-Switch Offers

The practice of changing the game after customers come through the door is one that’s still used by some dishonest auto-wrecking yards. They quote you the best price for your junk car over the phone, but once you’re on site, they find lots wrong with your car and significantly reduce their offer.

The best practice for you to avoid wasting time is to get an offer in writing before you take the time to drive or have your car towed to a salvage yard. Or be willing to walk away from a lowball offer, even if you’ve done a lot of work to get your old car there.

What Should You Look for?

Now that you know what you want to avoid, rest assured there are plenty of stand-up salvage yard owners just trying to make an honest living. You’ll be able to spot them, because you’ll see they have :

A License

If they are licensed to operate in the state, they have to abide by laws governing their business practices. Their license can be revoked if they try to cheat customers, so always ask if they have a license.

An Online Presence

If they are a reputable company, they will have a solid online presence with at least their basic information explained.

Favorable Reviews

If past customers have had success in working with them, and haven’t run into any junkyard scams, it will be reflected in their online reviews.

Looking for a transparent, honest auto wrecker you can depend on? Look no further than Western Auto Wrecking. We’re an experienced Utah company dedicated to providing value to car owners (and protecting you from junk yard scams!) Call us today for more information!

Car Maintenance Myths That Are Costing You Money

Have you fallen for some common car maintenance myths?

You’re not alone. After all, you probably got some of these from your father, your mechanic or your dealership. They sound believable, and you want to keep your car in good shape, so you follow these rules. But you don’t have to!

Car Maintenance Myths That Are Costing You Money

Stop believing these six car-maintenance myths — they’re not accurate!

Myth #1: You HAVE to Get an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

Getting an oil change every 3,000 miles (or every three months) causes car maintenance bills to add up fast, especially if you drive long distances every day. If you read your owner’s manual, you’re likely to find a conflicting report. Most vehicles only require oil changes every 5,000 miles. Some can go even longer.

As long as you’re using the appropriate oil, don’t stress about changing your car’s oil every 12 weeks. You’re throwing out a perfectly good product!

Myth #2: Your Dealership Has to Perform Maintenance for Warranty Coverage

It doesn’t matter if the original dealership doesn’t do your car’s scheduled maintenance. All that matters is that it gets done. You can take it to any certified mechanic, just make sure you document what maintenance tasks they performed. Follow the checklist provided in your car’s owner’s manual and record all mechanic visits, and you’ll maintain warranty coverage.

Myth #3: Flat Tires Must Always Be Replaced

Just because your car’s tires were punctured doesn’t mean they’re no longer any good. If the damage happened in a repairable area, such as the treads, you can get the tire patched and it’ll continue to serve you well for many more miles.

Myth #4: It Doesn’t Matter What Type of Fuel You Use

Sadly, using the cheapest fuel isn’t always a good idea for vehicle owners. If your car is meant to run on a higher-grade petroleum and you don’t use it, you can expect wear and tear to happen faster. The opposite is also true. Putting top-shelf fuel in an engine that’s not designed for it won’t yield good results either.

Myth #5: All Filters Should Be Changed Frequently

No, you don’t need your air filter changed every time you get an oil change. Follow your owner’s manual instructions. You can even try to clean the filter on your own instead of replacing it. Save yourself money!

Myth #6: Coolant Should Be Flushed Twice Per Year

It’s a good idea to prepare your vehicle for changing seasons, but it’s not necessary to flush your cooling system bi-annually. You probably don’t need to flush your coolant even once per year. Consult your owner’s manual for details, but most modern cars no longer lose coolant, so this is an outdated suggestion.

At Western Auto Wrecking, we know the ins and outs of your car. Besides debunking expensive car-maintenance myths, we’re also here to help you make more economical car repairs by providing high-quality, cost-effective used auto parts. Call us today to see if we have what you need!

5 Old Car Updates That Make Your Ride Look and Feel New Again

When you get the right old car updates, you don’t need to visit the dealership. You can get the new car look and feel you crave, without the new car payment.

Some vehicle owners want to upgrade their ride because they want the feeling of a modern, sleek, powerful vehicle. With just a few minor tweaks, you can make your older car seem new again. It just takes a little bit of planning and elbow grease!

5 Old Car Updates That Make Your Ride Look and Feel New Again

Try the six old car updates below if you want to enjoy climbing into the driver’s seat once again.

1. Revamp the Radio

If you’re still lugging around your CDs from high school, you probably need an updated car radio. Forget compact discs — what about Bluetooth? It’s time to move into the next century and wirelessly connect your smartphone to your car radio. Streaming high-quality music without all the hassle will make you love your old ride, or at least enjoy your time out on the road that much more.

2. Replace Faded Headlights

Yellowed, faded headlights make it hard to see, and they don’t add much to the look of your car. You can try cleaning your headlights, but many times this doesn’t work as well as you’d like. A cost-effective solution is to replace them. This is one of the old car updates that helps enhance both looks and function.

3. Reseal Doors

Replace the seal around each car door. You will reduce road noise and trap either cooled or heated air inside, making your car more comfortable. This is one of the more time-consuming old car upgrades, but it can make an immediate difference by reducing cabin noise and keeping your passengers warm or cool, depending on the season.

4. Upgrade Suspension Parts

A worn-out suspension makes your vehicle difficult to handle. Replace shocks, springs, dampers and struts for increased control. Your old car will feel like you just drove it off the lot!

5. Get New Wheels

Performance tires (even gently used ones!) are the final piece of the puzzle when you’re making old car upgrades to improve handling. Plus, they look awesome! Tires and rims significantly impact how your car looks, so make this your final upgrade, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments on your ride.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

Shop for used auto parts at Western Auto Wrecking, and these old car updates will become more and more affordable. You can find gently used parts that cost a fraction of what they would if you ordered them new. Visit us today and see what we have to offer!

7 Affordable Car Repairs Made Possible with Used Auto Parts

Affordable car repairs? That sounds like a pipe dream.

But is it? Maybe, if you’re banking on a dealership to give you a great deal, but if you depend on used auto parts, then spending less and getting quality, lasting car repairs is possible.

used auto parts

Find Out What You Need

The first step in taking advantage of the incredible savings used auto parts offer is to know what you need before you visit the wrecking yard. You don’t want to waste money on parts you don’t need, so talk to your mechanic or check out your vehicle beforehand — don’t just guess about the part in question.

Seven popular used auto parts make for some of the most affordable car repairs.

1. Tire Replacement

Believe it or not, used tires are popular. If you’re intent on keeping an older car until it breaks down for good, you probably don’t want to spend money on four new tires. Instead, find used tires with just enough tread to make it a worthwhile purchase and save hundreds.

2. Alternator Repair

An alternator is another common purchase. Alternators last between 80,000 to 150,000 miles, so find one with only a few thousand miles on it, and you’ll have a used auto part that will last years.

3. Auto Body Fixes

The cost to replace bumpers and grills runs high at an auto body shop. You can save significantly by finding these parts on an expired version of your car.

4. Lighting Repairs

From headlights to fog lights, it’s easy to find this used part, and it always pays off.

5. All Filter Types

Air and fuel filters are popular buys for used auto parts shoppers. These savings may start small, but over time they add up.

6. A/C Compressor Replacement

Replacing an A/C compressor is a common car repair that gives vehicle owners sticker shock. But you can’t live through the hot summer without cool air in your car. Buy used and you can instantly save hundreds.

7. Brake Parts and Accessories

Brake rotors and pads can be had for cheap and can take away the sting of an otherwise pricey brake job.

Don’t Buy from Just Anyone

The list doesn’t end there. From ignition systems to floor mats, used auto parts create affordable car repairs in plenty of ways for vehicle owners.

The key to a successful experience with used parts is making sure to purchase what you need from a reputable vehicle dismantler. Western Auto Wrecking maintains a full staff to help you locate the part you’re looking for. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost a dealer would charge. Affordable car repairs are possible when you visit our wrecking yard!

What You Should Know About the Auto Recycling Industry

The auto recycling industry doesn’t get much press. Plenty of attention is paid to the effects of automotive emissions, but it’s not as common to hear about how cars are the most recycled consumer product in the world.

The auto recycling industry is making beneficial, productive strides toward reusing everything from metal to rubber to produce vehicles. For instance, today your modern vehicle is likely made of at least 25 percent recycled materials.

It’s One of the Largest Industries in the Country

Auto recycling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S. It contributes $25 billion to the national gross domestic product every year. At least 100,000 people work in the industry in thousands of facilities nationwide.

The U.S. alone recycles 12 million vehicles annually. Together, the U.S. and Canada recycle enough steel to build 13 million new cars.

Automotive Recyclers Do More Than Recover Scrap Metal

When you think about what an auto recycler does, do you picture a large plant or an acres-wide junkyard? Believe it or not, most professionals in the industry are small-business owners. Over 75 percent of all these companies have 10 employees or fewer.

Besides building up local economics, auto recyclers usually also sell used auto parts in their communities. Vehicle owners can conveniently purchase replacement parts that function like new, saving thousands and reducing the need for manufacturers to waste resources creating new parts. This makes auto recycling a valuable community service and reduces material waste.

Automotive Recyclers Help the Environment

Auto recycling also preserves the careless waste of gas and oil. Eight million gallons of gasoline and 24 million gallons of motor oil are recovered and properly disposed of. This keeps groundwater clean and reduces pollution and toxic runoff.

Auto Recycling Enhances Roadway Safety

With auto recycling as an option, many fewer old, unsafe vehicles are on the roadways. Instead, many owners decide to scrap their vehicles for cash. Auto recyclers also purchase abandoned vehicles on the roadways. This keeps traffic lanes clear and reduces the chance of accidents.

What Can You Do?

How can you help make this industry grow?

For starters, did you know that almost 99 percent of a car’s battery is recyclable? Instead of simply leaving your expired battery behind, bring it to a recycling facility. The same goes for your tires. Recycled rubber is used to make shoes and asphalt for roadways. Make sure your old tires are recycled so they can have a productive second life.

Visit Western Auto Wrecking — we’re West Valley City, Utah’s top auto recycler and we’re here to help you get cash for your old car or find the used auto part you need. We’re excited to introduce you to the benefits of the auto recycling industry!