Factors in Junk Car Expected Value

If you have a junk car sitting on your lot, you might be letting some potential money that could be in your pocket go to waste. Vehicles don’t have to be in running condition to return you profits, and this can be especially useful if you’re in need of a few extra bucks here and there.

At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re here to help you get value for any junk vehicles in your possession through our auto wrecking yard. Not only do we stock a huge variety of parts for numerous vehicle makes and models whenever you’re in need, we’ll also pay you cash for your junk vehicles so we can extract useful parts from them for other drivers. Best of all, we’ll even come to your home to pick it up from you.

What are some of the factors that go into how much money you’ll be able to recoup for your junk vehicle? Let’s look at a few important ones.

factors junk car value

Weight Matters Most

When it comes to scrap vehicles in these kinds of situations, value is often found in very different areas than it would be if you were buying the same model new from an auto dealer. For instance, buying a brand new Ford from a dealer, you’ll worry about things like features, accessories and various systems – these are far less important with a scrap vehicle, however.

Rather, you should primarily focus on the weight. The primary element we can pull from your junk car is the metal itself in many cases, and your Kelley Blue Book value isn’t really all that important in terms of the cash you can get. In fact, we often recommend selling any such accessories or items separately if you think you can get value for them.

Year, Make and Model

The above said, weight isn’t the only factor that matters here. The year, make and model are also important, but this is mostly the case for a few specific car brands; some brands, such as Buicks for instance, have parts that basically never change from year to year. In these cases, year and model type aren’t quite as important.

For many other models, though, they absolutely are. In some cases it might be very important to know which year the car was made in to understand the quality of the material.

Junk Yard Vs. Individual Sales

As we touched on with certain accessories in the car, there might be times where selling items individually, rather than to a junk yard like ours, makes more sense. Things like DVD players, stereo systems or others might fetch you more this way.

At the same time, the services we offer bring convenience and ease to many people who need them. Not everyone has the time and skills to remove these items from a vehicle and get proper value for them, and we’ll come pick your junk car up for you on top of that. This is why many people opt for our ease and convenience.

For more on the value you can get from your junk vehicle, or to learn about any of our used car parts or junk yard services, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.