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It’s widely known that a Honda Accord is a reliable car. Hondas have a reputation for their top safety ratings, superior EPA fuel economy ratings, engaging driving dynamics, renowned reliability, and high resale value. When you need affordable parts for your Honda Accord, come see us at Western Wrecking Auto. We also buy parts! If you have a Honda Accord that’s not being used, give us a call and we’ll come get it. No need to waste time and money getting rid of a car you don’t want—we’ll pick it up and pay you for your unused Honda Accord!

We have the largest selection of quality used auto parts in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our inventory is constantly being updated with new cars and parts being added regularly. There are plenty of cars being discarded and donated daily—these cars have plenty of parts that are just like new. In certain cases, there may be a reason for a new part, but more often than not a used part will work just as well, and have you loads of money.

We have parts for engines, transmissions, transaxles, wheels, tires, bumpers, hoods, side view mirrors, tail lamps, airbags, seats, grilles, a/c compressors, radios, alternators, radiators, front lamps, and more. Keep your Honda Accord reliable for years to come with quality parts from Western Wrecking Auto.

Buying reliable care parts will help you to save money, save time, and reduce environmental impact. Discover deals in our yard to save big and fix your car. We have everything from vintage to brand new. Make your Honda Accord last longer with some quality used parts. You could find a steal of a deal and have your car fixed for a low cost in no time! Come see us at Western Wrecking Auto.

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