Is Rebuilding an Engine Economical?

Rebuilding an engine: Is it worth it? It’s probably the most critical question car owners can ask
after they’ve heard the bad news about their failing engine.

engine rebuilding

First, you must determine if it’s even possible for your engine. Next, you have to consider the
cost involved. You also must determine if other repairs need to be completed.

Once you answer these questions and explore any alternatives, you can call your mechanic with
your decision.

Is Your Car a Candidate?

Take an honest look at your car. How many miles are on it? Is it in good condition (besides the
failing engine?) Do you like it? How old is it?

Clearly, rebuilding the engine of a car more than 10 years old that has over 150,000 miles on it
isn’t worth it — the costs are likely higher than what the car is worth. However, if your car is
less than 10 years old — less than five years old is even better — and you like owning and
driving it, an engine rebuild may be worth it.

A rebuild project is usually expensive, but so is buying another car. With rebuilding, you save on
taxes, licensing and registration costs. If all other systems are in good shape, you could
reasonably make the car last for as long as your first engine, maybe longer.

What Goes into a Rebuild?

Rebuilding an engine involves taking apart every piece, inspecting it for damage and wear and
tear, and replacing it as needed. Depending on what you prefer, you can opt to replace only major engine components, and keep the parts from the original engine that are still in good working order. This may save some money.

But the extensive machine work, including boring out the cylinders and reshaping the cylinder
heads, is a costly process that should be undertaken only by an experienced machine shop.

Why Did the Original Engine Fail?

Make sure you determine the cause of the original engine failure to help prevent future problems. You don’t want to find yourself back in the same position.

Do You Have Other Options?

You can find replacement parts at a scrapyard for less money than if you’d ordered them straight from the original manufacturer, but you also have other options. Sometimes you can find complete engines at scrapyards that could replace your failing engine, allowing you to avoid a rebuild.

When you’re taking on a major car repair like rebuilding an engine, make sure you check with
Western Auto Wrecking to see if we can help you save money and get your car back on the road
for less.