Recycle Your Car Parts

Your old vehicle’s parts can most likely be recycled, which does a service to the environment and nets you a few bucks in the process.

Recycled Car Parts

The auto recycling industry is a large business vital to the American economy, producing more than $32 billion in sales each year and employing over 140,000 people.

When you’re considering recycling your car, which car parts are worth saving in the eyes of an auto recycling company? Probably more than you think.

Auto Glass

The smashed windshield on your wrecked car doesn’t have to take up space in a local landfill. Modern recycling technology allows the glass to be recycled, even though a plastic film is sandwiched between the windshield’s interior and exterior. The windshield might be reused in fiberglass, concrete or new glass.

Motor Oil

When you think about recycling your car parts, chances are the oil that’s in the engine doesn’t come to mind. However, motor oil doesn’t wear out, it only gets dirty, and a refining process can render it reusable. Additionally, the gas left in the fuel tank also is drained and reused.


The battery in your old vehicle may be one of the most commonly recycled car parts. This is good for the environment, since it contains many hazardous materials like lead, making it dangerous to dispose of in a landfill.


If your old car tires are incinerated, they emit toxic fumes and produce oil runoff that’s harmful to the environment. Instead, recycle them. The rubber is typically used to make asphalt for paving.

Belts and Hoses

Rubber belts and hoses can be recycled just like rubber tires, or they can be used again in other cars if they are still in good condition. This provides a cheap option for consumers and conserves resources by limiting production.

Engine Components

Engines in good shape may be reconditioned and sold, or useful engine parts may be taken out and sold individually. The same goes for the transmission, a part commonly resold when it’s still good.

Mats, Carpet, Plastic

From the seats to the carpet to the plastic on the dashboard, a car’s interior can be almost entirely reused or recycled. The stereo also typically is removed and resold — it can blast music in a new vehicle.

Starter and Alternator

These two parts are expensive new, so they are routinely extracted from old cars, reconditioned or remanufactured and sold to drivers looking for a more affordable repair option.

Remaining Metals

After removing all the useful parts, whatever is left of the vehicle is crushed, and the ferrous and non-ferrous metals separated. Both aluminum and steel can be used to produce new metal, which can then be used to make new vehicles.

Vehicles are some of the most recyclable products on the planet, so don’t waste your used car parts — take your old car to Western Auto Wrecking.