Replace Your AC Compressor with a Used Part

If your AC compressor dies, your first thought might be the dreaded mechanic’s bill.

ac-compressorGoing without air conditioning is not a desirable option, and a broken AC compressor seriously detracts from the total value of your vehicle. If you are planning on driving your car in warmer months, selling the vehicle or trading it in, it is vital to have all components of the AC system working effectively and efficiently.

How Does an AC Compressor Work?

While a functioning AC unit has many parts, the compressor is the central starting point for the entire system. The engine’s crankshaft powers the belt which in turn engages the compressor to pump refrigerant vapor to the condenser and then the evaporator. Each does its part in absorbing heat and lowering the overall moisture content in the vehicle, which translates to a lower humidity level and cooler air.

Signs Your AC Compressor is Failing

The first signal your current AC compressor needs work is a hot car. You may also hear a squealing noise from the drive belt or a loud knocking sound from air trapped inside the AC component. When a compressor seizes, the clutch fails to engage and the drive belt could break or detach from the pulley system.

The most common reason this component seizes up is a lack of lubrication. It only uses a miniscule fraction of oil and refrigerant to function, but this moisture is absolutely essential for a properly functioning AC system. If you have a leak in the compressor’s shaft seal, the condenser, the evaporator or a pipe or hose, this could lead to a breakdown of the internal parts. If the interior metal parts break, the shards can damage not only the compressor, but other areas of the system as well.

Can a Used Car Part Save Money on Repairs?

It is not uncommon to save money with a remanufactured or used car part for important vehicle repairs such as a compressor replacement. At the first sign of a change in temperature in your car or a complete loss of air conditioning, visit a mechanic to get a professional opinion on the state of your vehicle’s system. Once you get a quote for a new part, compare the price to a used one and see how much you can save.

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