Should You Junk Your Old Car?

Deciding whether to trade, donate or junk your old car may be difficult for several reasons. First, you might have a sentimental attachment to your vehicle that’s making it hard to say goodbye! Second, you might be looking forward to upgrading to a new car, but you want to make sure you get the most for your current set of wheels.

You Junk Your Old Car

Which option is the best choice for you?

Requirements for a Trade-In

When you trade in your car, you’re essentially selling it to a dealership which will then turn around and try to flip your car for profit. To make this a feasible option for them, your car has to run. If you can’t drive it onto the lot, they won’t take it. Some dealerships also have mileage requirements and won’t take cars that exceed a certain limit.

Before you trade in your vehicle, shop around and get a quote from multiple dealerships. This can ensure you’re getting the best offer out there.

Donation Is Always Worth Considering

Donating your car is a great decision that can have a major humanitarian impact. You can typically donate either a junk or working car. There are many nonprofits that accept this type of donation, but be sure you find one that can provide paperwork you can supply to the IRS for a tax write-off. You can do something good and receive a financial benefit from it as well.

Junk Your Old Car for Cash

You can junk your old car for cash too! Let’s say your vehicle isn’t working well, or isn’t working at all, and it’s destined for the scrap pile. When you decide to junk your old car, you can get paid for what it’s worth in parts and materials. This is especially an attractive option if you need to remove a vehicle from your property that no longer works.

The car is stripped down to its frame then crushed, and you’re offered a price based on how the junkyard values the vehicle components.

Choose Western Auto Wrecking

If you elect to junk your old car, come to Western Auto Wrecking. We will give you a fair price while we take your old vehicle off your hands! We make the title transfer process easy. Call Western Auto Wrecking today and start the process.