What Should You Know About Towing a Junk Car?

Towing a Junk Car

Towing a junk car to a salvage yard results in a double payoff: You get money and the rusted eyesore in your driveway is gone forever.

But before you make plans with the closest junkyard in the area, you should know some details about towing a junk car. Make sure you’re fully aware of these four items before you begin ― you’ll save time and money.

Know what Your Auto Salvage Yard Wants

In most cases, it is easier for salvage yards to simply come and pick up the entire car, which is usually the most convenient option for both parties. Some salvage yards differ in their preferences.

In some cases, you may have to dismantle the vehicle yourself and remove only the preferred parts they want. Then you’ll have to schedule an appointment for towing the remaining wreckage to a scrap metal dealer.

Call your auto salvage yard ahead of time to find out about their specific guidelines.

Know You’re Getting the Best Deal

Don’t settle for the first price you are offered. Yes, your car may be junk, but you should still try to get the highest price possible for the vehicle. Compare rates from different salvage yards.

Take into consideration other aspects of their service as well. For example, do they offer free towing? It might be worth working with a company that’s primary goal is making the process easier for you.

Know Your State’s Requirements

Many states have specific procedures to follow when it comes time to junk a car. You will have to fill out paperwork about the title and registration at the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and you may have to turn in your license plate.

Sometimes the auto salvage yard can help you through this process and explain each step along the way. Depending on your state, the DMV may require an official statement from the auto wrecker certifying the car is junk. Make sure you have your title and registration in hand when the process begins to ensure it goes smoothly.

Know the Details on Your Vehicle

You should know the basic facts about your car ― it will help your auto salvage yard to accurately assess the vehicle and give you the best price. Know whether the vehicle is drivable. Look up the Kelley Blue Book value based on the model’s specifications.

If the car has sustained damage, know the extent and which parts may be affected. When you are more educated, it helps your auto wrecker help you, helping to make sure you are compensated fairly for the wrecked vehicle.

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