Ways You Can Get Cash for Your Car — Even if it’s Old

Surprisingly, you can still rake in some cash for your car even if it’s aged well past its time.

Cash For Your Car

Owners of older cars may take different routes to this cash, depending on the make, model and condition of the vehicle, but the fact remains: You don’t have to leave it sitting in your driveway or garage collecting dust. You can get cash for your car no matter what shape it’s in.

1. Get a Professional Mechanic’s Opinion

The first step in your quest is to talk to a professional, experienced car mechanic. Mechanics can inspect the vehicle with trained eyes. They will be able to tell you if the car could run again if a few repairs are made, or if it’s a waste of time to devote any money toward fixing it up.

If it’s possible for your car to log a few more miles before it’s put to rest, you could sell it as-is and hope you find a buyer.

If the vehicle is completely past its useful life, or you would rather not go to the trouble of cleaning it up for a new owner, you have more options. You can either junk it for scrap or sell its parts. Either way, you’re sure to get some cash for your car, even though the methods may differ.

2. Sell Used Car Parts

While your vehicle as a whole may not be working, that doesn’t mean all the individual components should be junked. You would be surprised at how valuable some of those parts are, so it’s worth your time to contact a local used auto parts yard and find out more.

Some auto parts dealers will tow your car away after giving you a whole-value assessment, and they’ll take care of all the paperwork involved. In other scenarios, it might be best for you to only sell a few used parts to them and scrap the rest of the vehicle. It depends on which parts are still functioning and hold the most value.

3. Call a Local Scrap Yard

If selling used car parts isn’t for you, you can call a local scrap yard to find out what your car is worth by the pound. When you’re deciding between selling your car for parts or scrap, you must manage a balance. While a used alternator may be useful to sell as a part, would you get more money for its weight?

Get an idea of how much your local scrap yard offers before you decide to go the scrapping route, since any working car part typically has at least some value to a used car parts yard, but there’s no difference at a scrap yard. You get paid by the pound, no matter what function the metal served prior.

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