What You Should Know About the Auto Recycling Industry

The auto recycling industry doesn’t get much press. Plenty of attention is paid to the effects of automotive emissions, but it’s not as common to hear about how cars are the most recycled consumer product in the world.

The auto recycling industry is making beneficial, productive strides toward reusing everything from metal to rubber to produce vehicles. For instance, today your modern vehicle is likely made of at least 25 percent recycled materials.

It’s One of the Largest Industries in the Country

Auto recycling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S. It contributes $25 billion to the national gross domestic product every year. At least 100,000 people work in the industry in thousands of facilities nationwide.

The U.S. alone recycles 12 million vehicles annually. Together, the U.S. and Canada recycle enough steel to build 13 million new cars.

Automotive Recyclers Do More Than Recover Scrap Metal

When you think about what an auto recycler does, do you picture a large plant or an acres-wide junkyard? Believe it or not, most professionals in the industry are small-business owners. Over 75 percent of all these companies have 10 employees or fewer.

Besides building up local economics, auto recyclers usually also sell used auto parts in their communities. Vehicle owners can conveniently purchase replacement parts that function like new, saving thousands and reducing the need for manufacturers to waste resources creating new parts. This makes auto recycling a valuable community service and reduces material waste.

Automotive Recyclers Help the Environment

Auto recycling also preserves the careless waste of gas and oil. Eight million gallons of gasoline and 24 million gallons of motor oil are recovered and properly disposed of. This keeps groundwater clean and reduces pollution and toxic runoff.

Auto Recycling Enhances Roadway Safety

With auto recycling as an option, many fewer old, unsafe vehicles are on the roadways. Instead, many owners decide to scrap their vehicles for cash. Auto recyclers also purchase abandoned vehicles on the roadways. This keeps traffic lanes clear and reduces the chance of accidents.

What Can You Do?

How can you help make this industry grow?

For starters, did you know that almost 99 percent of a car’s battery is recyclable? Instead of simply leaving your expired battery behind, bring it to a recycling facility. The same goes for your tires. Recycled rubber is used to make shoes and asphalt for roadways. Make sure your old tires are recycled so they can have a productive second life.

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