Why Used Car Parts Are Right For You

At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re proud to offer used auto parts for every make or model of vehicle in our wrecking yard. We have a massive inventory that’s constantly being added to, with numerous gems that can allow you to repair or refurbish your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of other part services.

What are some of the primary reasons our clients continue to come back to us for their car part needs? Let’s look at several, from some of the more obvious to some you may not have considered before.
used car parts right


The first and most common reason why used auto parts are a good option is the price they come with. We all realize that they’ll cost less than comparable new parts, but many people don’t realize quite how large this gap can get. As long as you’re not looking for super-rare parts, you’ll often pay just a tenth of the new part cost or even less – and this is for parts that are still in quality condition, often simply junked from a vehicle that had issues in other areas. If price and value are your primary goals, especially if you have some savvy and know what to look for, used parts are almost always the way to go.

OEM Standards

Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer standards, this is an area that deals with after-market parts. In many cases, said parts are not identical to the parts originally made by the manufacturer of your current vehicle, meaning they will often do the job, but just not as efficiently.

When you buy used parts from us, though, you know that they’re coming directly form these originally vehicle models – that’s where they were before they entered our wrecking yard. You know you’ll get a great fit and function from parts that came off the exact same vehicle you’re currently driving – parts you pay a lot more for from other sources might not have this same fit.

Varied Sources

Even if you’re purchasing your used parts from a source other than us, this simple variety is very valuable. Popular vehicle types will allow you to find parts from several sources for a variety of reasons.

Refurbished Parts

If you’re the sort who is highly concerned about the condition of any parts you purchase, you can narrow your search specifically to refurbished parts. There are many in this category that are refurbished specifically for resale – these will be a bit pricier in most cases, yes, but they’ll still be far less than brand new parts and may come with a guarantee of their condition.

For more on why used car parts make sense for many people, or to learn about any of our wholesale auto parts, speak to the pros at Western Auto Wrecking today.